Keep "Em Flyin'!!


Wow! Since I had a free weekend, and since Terre Haute is not too far away from home, my wife and I decided to visit this show. We were most impressed! A delightful show indeed, with F-15 and F-18 military demos, top aerobats Jurgis Kairys, Skip Stewart, Gene Soucy, and John Mohr, as well as ample statics and flying warbirds including the DAV B-25 Doolittle Commemorative and Vlado Lennoch's beautiful Blue Nose P-51! If that wasn't enough, there was plenty for ground pounders to do including both bikes and motorcycles performing "X-Games" style acrobatics, dock dogs exhibition, kids play area, concerts,  mosnter truck rides and even a midway and carnival! Friday night had some night time aerobatics and a wall of flame that was all the more imposing because it was dark.

Not forgetting Shockwave, Billy Werth, Chris Rounds, Pete McLeod,  Teresa Stokes, Otto, Todd Green, Oregon Aero, Chris Rounds, Matt Younkin, Kyle Franklin, the E-Team Skydivers, the 101st Airborne Parachute Demo- WOW indeed. This show is a keeper for sure! I look forward to see how they will top this one next year!  And, to top everything off, I was able to spend considerable time with the F-18 demo boys from Virginia Beach's NAS Oceana. Thanks, guys, for allowing me to hang with y'all! Below is a photo of the very patriotic night show performed by Otto. Check out the "pix" pages for many more photos of this wonderful event!