Keep "Em Flyin'!!

Lotsa military hardware!

The weather did not cooperate with the show organizers except for Saturday afternoon, which couldn't have been nicer! Love those high, white, puffy clouds! Being held on a military base the attendees were regailed with lotsa military hardware and exciting Demos including the Raptor! Plenty of civilain acts as well including one of the best- Sean D. Tucker.  And, seeing the Snowbirds is always a highlight as their shows in the USA are few and far between, alas! The PAO of the 911th Airlift Wing couldn't have been nicer, and I was able to get a ride on a KC-135 tanker as it refueled the F-22,  well as with the Golden Knights as they did their jump for the Opening Ceremonies. So, without a doubt the highlight of my airshow career!

One hopes that 2009 will provide better weather, the show itself would be hard to improve!

Please check out the pix section  for the show and my ride on the KC-135 and with the Golden Knights!