Keep "Em Flyin'!!

A wonderful time at a wonderful show!

A "small" show with a big heart! You can get close to the planes, and altho they have a smallish runway, they have had jets each time I went! The people are all very friendly and easy going, makes for a very fun experience! Beautiful weather only enhanced the three days I was there! I also was able to partake in a air-to-air photo shoot that was a gas! Those pix are all in a separate photo album. Meanwhile, the show itself had an F-16, a B-25, a wingwalker, a MIG, a slew of aerobats and warbirds. I have made friends with several of the aerobats including Billy Werth and Greg and Michaele Aldridge- who allowed me to hang out with them by their plane during the show. Thanks, guy and gal! Also, Mike Lakin allowed me to fly in his Super D for the photo shoot- a comfortable fit for a big guy like me- I doubt that I could have fit into one of the smaller aerobatic planes! Mike also flew aerobatically.

There was a wonderful fly-by with the B-25 leading six Texans flown by the Screaming Rebels team. The Heritage Flight was the F-16 and P-51- but there were also a few passes with the B-25! Unique!


Please visit the photo pages for many pix of this great show, and the photo shoot pages for pix from this most enjoyable morning!