Keep "Em Flyin'!!

Wonderful, as always

The weather forecast was grim, but with the exception of a few five minute downpours and grey skies in the am, the weather did not really hurt the show. The only thing lacking were military demo teams. No A-10,  F-15,  F-18 or even F-22 demos. But, the Blue Angles were tight, and more than half a dozen aerobats including Sean D Tucker and his son entertained the big crowds. The warbird selection was as usual outstanding, with a Ju-52 and Hawker Sea Fury as the rare birds. Over 300 pictures await you on the pix side of things. There was a HUGE 7000 square foot flag jumped by Chris Nunn for the opening ceremonies, and the Navy Leap Frogs also performed by diving from perfectly good airplanes. With seating so close one could almost touch the wings of taxing planes, Indianapolis once again showed why it is rapidly becoming one of THE top shows in the midwest!