Keep "Em Flyin'!!

Battle Creek redux

About one hour from Battle Creek is the small burg of Goshen, Indiana. We decided to check out their airshow on Saturday, after the 4th of July bash at Battle Creek. Essentially the same show minus balloons and Thunderbirds, plus a whole lotta Amish folk. There was even parking for buggys in the back, and there were many of them. Another beautiful day was at hand, and the attendance set records. In fact, one could scarcely get to the porta-potties through the crowd, and the wait was lengthy. Needless to say, with but 2 exits, the time to leave was in hours, not minutes. Even after hanging around for about two hours, there still was a line to exit. After exiting, one had to be careful because the road was filled with buggys taking home the Amish folk! Quite the experience! The Amish seemed to especially enjoy Shockwave and the Monster Truck demolition show that preceded the fireworks.

Again, the show itself included many of the same acts as Battle Creek, with a closer showline and a few more warbirds like a C-47and B-25. And, the wonderful Mig 17 of  Will "Psycho" Ward.  But, also a most enjoyable day and evening, with another outstanding fireworks finale. A well worthwhile trip, likely to occur again with the difference being we would not return to Battle Creek to spend the night. Please check out the pix on the pix page!