Keep "Em Flyin'!!

It's cold at 13,000 feet!

In conjunction with the Wings Over Pittsburgh show, I was able to hitch a ride with the Golden Knights as they jumped to open the Saturday show. I was originally scheduled to fly with them on Friday, and had dressed warmly for the occasion. The weather did not cooperate! Not expecting another chance, I did not dress as warmly on Saturday, but nonetheless jumped(no pun intended!) at the chance to fly with the boyzz- and girl!

It sure did get cold sitting next to the door with the plane moving forward at 150 miles per hour. I was actually shaking like a leaf for a short while- I think I was also excited and a bit nervous sitting next to an open door! I made the mistake of cinching down the two seatbelts too tightly, and was unable to turn in my seat in order to get really good shots of the jumpers after they excited the plane. Oh, well.... hopefully there will be a next time!

Special thanks to the PAO of the 911th Airlift wing that hosted the show, and the Golden Knights Gold Team for allowing me to join them on their trip! Especially friendly and helpful were Sergeant 1st Class Charles E. Cooley, Staff Sergeant Brandon Valle, Sergeant First Class Pete White- who was our guide as we first got on the Fokker C-31 plane,  and Sergeant Joseph P. Abeln- the videographer and still photographer for the tandem team who was very informative about his equipment for the photographers and cameramen on the flight!

An absolutely terrific trip that I will never forget! Please check the "pix" section for a visual diary of this fabulous voyage!

Above photo by Christina Baird