Keep "Em Flyin'!!

The Mother of Airshows 2007

Much has been written about this show in many forums. Having close to 80 Mustangs in one location was truly an amazing experience. Seeing so many of them fly made this all the more special. A show where the Thunderbirds were not the final act! And, to have so many "legends" in one place was also very special.

Alas, the logistical aspect of the show was a disaster. It was quite obvious that the organizers had no experience in putting on an airshow, and that the term "organizer" was an oxymoron. What should have been a perfect show was marred by the total disorganization encountered by most attendees. This was advertised as a once in a lifetime show,  hopefully IF this is not the case(and hopefully it isn't!), next time things will go more smoothly!

Nonetheless, the show itself was super, please visit the GML pix pages for a pictoral review!


To answer Walt:

We decided that we needed to get to the show very early. We arrived before 7am. We were told to go to the gate and wait because they would not open the gates until 8.  We were very close to the start of the line. About 7:45 we were told that we had to go into another line, that was by then quite long, for security checks. So much for getting there early.  I had purchased my tickets very early. When we finally got to the gate, they would not scan. We were not allowed in, and had to return to an area where we were told that- indeed, early birds would need to have their tickets re-issued because something was changed concerning seating. So, I had to stand around for about twenty minutes while I was issued new tickets. Finally got into the show about 9. Then we decided to head to our seats, to drop off our stuff. There were no seat designations anywhere. We asked, and nobody had a clue where our seats were. Finally, someone said that they were "here" so we slogged through mud, only to be told that, "No, actually, they are over that way!" So, we had to slog through the mud again to go "over that way" until we reached another area that had a bunch of little enclosed boxes. Nobody had any idea which box was which. Finally, someone with a pistol- a deputy of some kind- came around and did seem to know where our box was!

We were also told when we purchased the box seats that these came with a box lunch and all the water  you could want. Ixnay on that. The excuse was made that the miniscule water container we got with the box lunches was the water mentioned in the publicity. Ixnay on that, too! I think those microscopic containers do not fit the designation "all the water you can drink!"

Saturday was a bit better(but still had problems), but we were left with a very bad taste in our mouths by the most unpleasant logistical situation on Friday. That is why I consider(ed) it to be totally disorganized in respect to the logistical handling of spectators. I stand by that, and also stand by my feeling that the aerial display itself was magnificent!