Keep "Em Flyin'!!

The Dayton 2007 Airshow was marred by the tragic death of Jim LeRoy. The accident happened right in front of where I was sitting. It seems that Jim pulled out of his dive too late, and skidded for quite a distance, so the difference between life and death was probably but a few feet. He did not t-bone the ground, but the impact was too much for his body. Also, the air was heavy and the smoke was not dissipating- I see from my pictures that the area was VERY smokey. Maybe this lack of visibility played a part in the tragedy. Bottom line: a very sad day for the airshow community, and a heart breaking one for Jim's family and friends. Jim was one of the top two or three aerobatic pilots in the industry, and will be sorely missed.  A scholarship fund has been established for his son, visit for details.

Dayton once again was plagued by unpleasant weather, but this allowed for some massive vapor. But, blue skies certainly make for a nicer background than grey skies! The show had non-stop action, with a rare US visit from the Brazilian Smoke Squadron, who wowed even the military pilots.

I took hundreds of pictures,  some are below, many more in the "pix" section.