Keep "Em Flyin'!!

Fun time in Cincinnati

Once again, the "little country airshow" proved that you don't need jets to show spectators a good time! Since their runway is too small for same, they put on their show with top quality aerobats, warbirds, and ground displays. This year the beautiful Cincinnati Miss P-51 from the Tri State Warbird Museum was on display and made numerous flybys. There was also plenty to do on the ground including a car show, static displays, Monster Truck Rides,  X Games style motorcyle acrobatics, and the Disabled American Veterans Air Show Outreach Program featuring the B-25 Panchito. Karen was able to take a ride in this wonderful relic of WWII!

Aerobats included the Firebirds, Brett Hunter, Cliff Robinson, Red Eagle Air Sports, and the Lima Lima Flight Team. With the best announcer in the industry- local Rob Reider- as the host, one can only hope for a repeat performance in 2008!