Keep "Em Flyin'!!

Wonnerfull, wonnerful!

The weather here was magnificent! A 4th of July with low humidity( no vapor, but boy, was it nice to breathe easy!) and temperatures in the low 80s! A beautiful blue sky with some puffy white clouds- perfect! With the Thunderbirds, A10s, F18 and F15, and the Star Fighters' F-104s there was plenty of jet noise. There was also the serene quiet of the colorful balloons. And, a nifty assortment of aerobats including Skip Stewart. Some acts that I had not seen before including Herb and Ditto, the Hoppers in their L-39s, the Alabama Boys with Greg Koontz, the Aerostars in their Yaks, Dave Dacy and his wingwalker Tony Kazian and Bill Stein. I had seen the Oregon Aero Sky Dancer/writer, but not in such wonderful sky conditions! With an easy going entrance that allowed coolers and even tents, a wonderful time was had by all- capped by a great fireworks show! This show WILL have to be included in my itinerary in years to come! Please check out the pix on the pix pages!