Keep "Em Flyin'!!


May, 2005

Welcome to the Montgomery Aviation Photography website.  This is the work of Hugh Montgomery, Jr, of Bethel, Ohio, 40 miles east/SE of Cincinnati. This is my first attempt at a website, so bear with me! I am married to Karen(22 years!), and have two cats and live in rural Clermont County, with 21 acres to call my own.

June, 2005

I have been going to air shows for three years now, and have taken too many pictures to count. The best will be slowly but surely posted to these pages. I also take video, as this actually gives a better record of the show, what with the speed and noise that pictures don't have. My current equipment is a Digital Rebel with a 35-300mm lens, and a 100-400mm lens. I recently purchased a Panasonic PV-250 camcorder, hope to have it for Dayton 2005. I have been using a Sharp WD250.

Sept 02 2005

I now an using the Digital Rebel with a Canon 75-300 IS lens. I am seriously thinking about going to still shooting only since I have found sources for top quality videos of many of the shows I attend. I have found that videotaping is beginning to grate on me- with stills you have much more time to relax and catch your breath! If you'd like to contact me do so at:

May 22 2006

Getting ready for the new season. Was just at the Clermont County Airport open house and saw the new Cessna Mustang corporate jet. Also, Moonbeam McSwine was in town for the Warbird Museum fundraiser, saw him take off and leave. Also, 2 F-16s flew by high up, likely on their way to Adams County to practice. They are the Sabres from Springfield. Hope to see some of you at Dayton!

Aug 5 2006

Season in full swing! Taking advantage of high speed internet at hotels to update my site more quickly than without same.

Jan, 2007

Santa brought me a 30D for Christmas. I'd like to also get either a 300 2.8 or 4.0 lens. I am debating if the money for a 2.8 would be worth it. Almost $3000 more. Beaucoup bucks! I have also vowed this year to use the PSP sharpening tool less, and to always check my settings before I shoot. I shot some night stuff at Oceana at 1600 speed, forgot to change the next day- one can see the noise in those photos. ARGH! One, hopefully, lives and learns!

Feb, 2007

I have started to edit the show pages, taking out many pictures so that those with dial up can also view them. I have put the entire collection of pix in "pix" pages. In editing, I noticed that I really did use the "sharpen" tool waaay to much, and that I need also to be more aware of dust in my camera. Hopefully as I go on my quality will improve. Please leave your comments, even if you tell me to get another hobby!


April 6, 2007

Well, I have done some questioning and reading, and it appears that it is not so much sharpening, but rather, resizing, that has caused my "jaggie" problems. Since I am not printing pix too much, I now save them unresized, and just do a minor resize to post. I used to resize them to a 4 x 6 size right off the bat, which was causing problems immediately! Then, resizing them a second time putting them on the web! Hopefully that problem will now be resolved! I plan on taking it easy with the sharpen tool as well! I discovered a company that does seminars on photography and I will be taking their class in Cincinnati on the 16th. Hopefully this will also help me gain knowledge. As long as one learns.....

June 29, 2007

First show of the year for me was a Wright Patterson Air Force Base. It was actually a "tattoo" rather than an airshow- no statics, high single or dual passes only, but there was a great variety of airforce inventory planes, and it was my first view of the F-22, which did some burner passes that were AMAZING! Things getting busy now, with Evansville on the 4th, Thunder on the 7th, and Dayton on the 28th. Say "hi" if you see me!

Sept 20, 2007

Whew! Five weeks, four big airshows! And, two more to go- Blue Ash this weekend, and the Mustang Gathering next! My eyes are spinning from going through thousands of pix. Witnessed the tragic death of Jim LeRoy in front of my eyes, the Geico Skytyper wreck happened show left and was not witnessed by too many spectators, fortunately. I have decided to no longer post pictures on the show review page- all the pictures will be placed in the photo albums regarding the show. Also, you can buy a CD/DVD of high resolution pictures of the various shows for $20 ppd, through my Paypal account. See the new "Buying pictures" page.

May 15, 2008

The 2008 season started with a bang with Wings Over Pittsburgh and a trip onboard a KC-135 tanker as it refueled the F-22 Raptor, and a trip with the Golden Knights as they jumped for the Opening Ceremonies. Gas hitting $4 a gallon means that trips will likely have to be curtailed, alas. Maybe something will happen to lower that price- one can only hope. Please check out the pix from the above mentioned once in a lifetime flights! I have just discovered that I am out of space, so I will now have to delete some of my older pictures and a few other things. So, if you miss some of the older stuff, you'll know why! The older stuff is not very good, anyway! I have just added the new Photo Album page to the site. Please check this for pix. So far it includes Skillet, TFK and Decyfer Down from their 2008 concert at the Avenue in Ginghamsburg. I have decided to slowly but surely move the "pix" pages to the album. Be sure to check same for updates!

August 2008

Just returned from New Song. Best weather they've had in many moons! Low humidity and temps in low 80s. Busy season now, with Lancaster, Indianapolis, Oceana and Blue Ash all coming up in the next few weeks. I now have two 40Ds and a 30D that I use for my shooting- a 400 5.6 prime, a 70-200 f4 IS lens with a 1.4x I use at times, and the 30D has a 17-50 lens for statics and wide shots. I was seriously looking at a full frame, but a new 40D was much cheaper than a used 5D, so I went with that. I guess some day I'll get that full frame to replace the 30D, and a 500 f4 to replace the 400 5.6. ONE OF THESE DAYS! If you see me at an upcoming event, please say "Hi."

October 2008

Well. the season is over for me. It ended with a bang as it usually does with the NAS Oceana show.  But, with a trip to Denver in early September, Indy two weeks before, and Blue Ash the week before Oceana, I was a bit overwhelmed with editing! Right now I'm just starting to upload the Oceana pictures. Happy winter, hope to see you next year!

May, 2009

Airshow season started great at langley AFB and Virginia Beach for the Combined Forces Air Power Demo. Alas, lotsa shows cancelled this year, so less to go to. Indy, Dayton, Battle Creek and Oceana are on tap- that's about all. No new equipment this year, hopefully at some point I can try the Canon 50D and maybe a new lens or two. I also have discovered that my way of adding pix no longer works- seems like pictures need to be placed in an album in the Photo Album page. So, please go there and don't look for a separate page for pix from shows!

Aug, 2009

One more show to go- Oceana. On a lark Karen and I went to the Radio Control Club of Greater Cincinnati's Flying Circus. What fun! Please check out the pix in the photo album. With the bad economy, 2010 doesn't look to promising- 2009 was a bit lean, but great fun.

June 2010

First airshow of the season was kinda rained out- Indianapolis. Saw Friday practice, went home Sunday, Sat was the massive rain. Oh, well.... here's hoping no more of that for the three remaining shows! The putative Christian festivals continue to be most unhelpful towards new medai types with their passes, sadly.